I was born in Paris, Texas and raised in the small town of Blossom, Texas. I was raised in an artistic family although is wasn’t conventional art. My family’s art consisted of quilting, embroidery, crafts, crochet and woodworking. In our small school art was not offered although I was introduced to colored pencil through drawing in high school in a Biology class.

After graduating, getting married and having a family I developed an interest in plein air painting which lead to taking oil painting classes from a local artist. Through the years I have taken quit a few drawing classes and oil painting classes. I worked in oils for many years

When I was thirty years old I was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called Essential Tremor. By that time it beginning to be difficult painting because I liked working in a realistic style. Only by the grace of God am I able to do anything artistic. In the meantime I moved to Tyler, Texas where I met my husband. My husband Glenn and I, along with our Jack Russell Terrier, Jackson now live in Flint, Texas. We moved several times but I always found a way to keep a drawing journal nearby and would take an art class occasionally just because I enjoyed art.

I took a drawing class at Tyler Junior College because I had figured out that by using a pencil I could draw in the realistic style even with my tremor. The teacher taught us how to best use our tools and how to work with a large format. I was having some problems with my pencils so my teacher helped me by introducing me to a heavier mechanical pencil. I soon wanted to do some work in color so I started researching colored pencils. I wanted them to be good light fast pencils, creamy and easy to handle. I joined the Colored Pencil Society of America, am a member of Thriving Christian Artists, East Texas Thriver Christian Artists, and North Texas Thriver Christian Artists.

I’m not satisfied doing the same thing all the time so I try different subjects, papers, and pencils just to “get out of my box” and not get in a rut of doing the same thing!