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2018 was a difficult year because of all the challenges it brought to my life. I had another DBS brain surgery in July which has taken longer for the settings to settle in my brain. But now things are looking up. I met Matt Tommey on Facebook under Thriving Christian Artists; wonderful encouragement in seeking Christian Artists. He has written at least four books and has been to many countries preaching how we as artists can be used in God’s Kingdom! Isn’t that great!

It is an app that will enhance your Colored Pencil Experience. The colours give you a choice of Faber-Castell Polychromos, Prismacolor Premier and Caran d’Ashe Luminance. I would like to explain my experience with ARTY.

Art Shows, Colored Pencil, Galleries, Graphite, Oils


About 7 years ago I started this blog “Heavenly Blue Fine Art” because I felt lead to name it this but soon learned I wasn’t technology savvy. That’s when I started a blog using just my name. During this time I learned  how to  do just enough to get by with a blog. Of course I never made money or much progress with getting my artwork out to the public (with the exception of scammers).

Recently I have been blessed  with taking  an online  course by Matt Tommey. He has 4 books out that teaches  you how to have a heart for God, and how to listen  to  the  Holy Spirit.  How to do  what the Holy Spirit asks you to do as an artist  plus Matt teaches you how to “Build Your Brand” in the business world.

I’m coming clean with this information because I am no longer trying  to  get  my artwork and business  going  on  my own. I firmly  believe  that  God is in control  of  my  life, my artwork and besides He is the greatest  creator of all time, right!

I let myself be led by others to  believe  the lie that because  I have Essential Tremor and have to use a light box to get my pictures on the paper that it’s really not “original artwork”! I’ll  no longer believe  that  lie because  no one knows how much effort and time goes into each piece of my work! There are many other lies that I have believed that held me from moving forward in my artwork but that’s  behind me now. God’s  word  says  that  all things  are  possible  through Jesus Christ.

I do hope you will follow along  as I move forward. I still am not technically educated but I too will  continue  to  grow  and  learn. Please  feel free to leave constructive comments on my pages.

Art Shows, Colored Pencil, Graphite

2017 Is Over With A New Beginning For 2018

I was Honored to be asked to do a Three Step mini demo in Ann Kullburg’s newest DRAW Landscapes in COLORED PENCIL. 

Ann in a very giving person! She is one artist that “Passes it forward” giving the new artists an opportunity to further their career. I have been honored to be in two of her COLOR Magazine for COLORED PENCIL and two of her  CP TREASURES and two of her CP HIDDEN TREASURES!


Shell Seekers




This is a beautiful young lady that is growing up fast, they all do that never stay small for very long. That is God’s plan to be born, loved, trained, and grow up hopefully with the moral principals taught to her by her loving family. I am personally proud of this young lady because her grandmother, my dear friend, has shared her grandchildren with me ever since the youngest boy, Tanner was born. 
We all have complex moments in our lives but I believe this young lady will make her family proud. This an 18 x 18 graphite, graphite powder, drawing on Strathmore Bristol Smooth paper. Permission granted by ZAP Photography.

I hope each enjoy and relate to this beautiful young lady. Have a blessed day.
Picture is sold.