As The Last Drop Falls

I would like to give many thanks to Ann Kullberg for choosing this painting of mine to be one of many to be in CP Treasures III!!! I feel so blessed to be in the same book with artists that I admire so much!! Since the first CP Treasures I have read and reread the books from cover to cover and I find something new every time; new advice, new prospective on the painting, and new materials to work on.

I recently finished this painting, I was so excited because I had never worked on black paper. This is 8″ x 10″, black Stonehenge paper, photo reference by permission Angelique Brunas.  As most artists know that working with black paper is fun because it gets you out of your comfort zone!! And for me the picture needs to tell a story so that the person looking at the picture is able to read your story or it enables them to read their own story into your painting.

This challenged me not only going from dark to light in my thought process but gave me the opportunity to create one last drop on the flower as if fell from her tears. Thus As The Last Drop Falls!

May you enjoy all my work because God is always showering me with more opportunities than I can thank him for. Just think if God took away all the blessings we forget to thank him for what would happen?

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