Mothers and Daughters

This is for all my spiritual mothers and my daughters. I will first thank my “spiritual” mothers as they have all gone before me giving me gifts far too numerous to name. None of the gifts had anything to do with money it had to do with love, life, sharing with others, and putting God first. I remember as a small child my Grandmother had a spiritual magazine sent to me personally to insure that my life was influenced by God’s word. I also remember spending the night with Grandmother where the bible was read each and every night before going to bed followed by a prayer. Years later I came into possession of my grandmother’s bible it was the Sunday School teacher edition!

I remember all the times I helped pick strawberries, mowed her lawn, cleaned her house and later drove her to the grocery store. When reflecting back she showed me how to cook, make preserves, can vegetables, wear a hat, be frugal, and read God’s word daily. Thank you Grandmother for loving me enough to teach me about life!

My next “spiritual” mother was my Aunt Floy Rooks. She cared for all my needs when my mother was going through a rough time in her own life. My Aunt Floy made lemonade our of lemons that were handed her in life. She worked at a laundry when I was growing up so I would hitch a ride with our neighbor across the street on Saturday so I could spend the weekend with my aunt. She taught me how to crochet, make lemonade out of lemons, and most of all how to laugh! I have a picture of Aunt Floy and my mother riding a sappling and they were laughing having a great time! Thank you Aunt Floy!

My mother…Mama. She gave me life and loved me unconditionally! After I was born she worked at the Lena Pope Home in Ft. Worth having to sacrifice being a family because my two bothers had to live in the boys quarters. She taught me how to care for a home, work outside the home and still have time to teach me to sew. My mama and I were not the best of friends when I was a teenager but she was there for me.  As I grew older with children of my own she was there offering a cup of coffee. How I do miss sitting at the table with Mama and a cup of coffee. I love you Mama!

To my two beautiful daughters….how precious a gift you are to me! How blessed I was being able to stay at home with you through your early years. I enjoyed each and every stage of your life; even being the Girl  Scout Leader for both troops! You have grown into beautiful, intelligent ladies that I am very happy to pass my heritage to. Thank you for being in my corner when I didn’t even realize there was a corner. I love you with all my heart and always will.

I have a beautiful and intelligent step-daughter that I am lucky enough to have that calls me Mom. She did not come into my life until she was seven years old but I love her as my own. Thank you for all that you are and ever hope to be.

To all mothers, grandmothers, aunts, and all women that have been a blessing to us I would like to say a big THANK YOU!


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