Tuesday’s THAT

I am enjoying Found Round and About’s weekly “T” challenges always posted on Tuesday. I have to afmit it takes me a few days to respond so for this Tuesday’s THAT I have to say almost stumped me. So I thought about my art and several pieces came to mind; “Laura” was my first BIG drawing. When I started taking drawing classes from Maureen Killaby this work was to be done in an 18″ X 24″ format and my first thought was “I can’t do THAT“! But with encouragement from Maureen I was able to complete “Laura” dark enough and with curly hair!

Since this drawing I have had several projects after I had completed them I felt like telling the world I did THAT! One project I did that drew a compliment from my husband was starting this blog. Since I have Essential Tremor which requires a lot of concentration, patience, positive thinking and a great support group. My support group consists of my loving husband, daughters, sons, East Texas ET Support Group, Sunday school class, my FB friends, drawing teacher and our two Jack Russell Terriers. ET requires having a good support group. So I feel I have made a start in the direction that the Lord wants me to go and THAT feels good!
Until next Tuesday when we get a new challenge! Have some fun join the Tuesday “T” challenge!

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