I started my art journey painting houses, barns and trees. My daughters once asked me if that was all I knew how to paint! At that time YES it was because I was taking lessons from a local artist that painted landscapes but hopefully I have extended my artistic ability. I wanted to share my last attempt to paint trees which was plein air. I haven’t as of yet tried to paint a landscape using my colored pencils but that is for another day.


Would like to invite you to share your TREES and join the fun! See you next Tuesday!

All images © of Elizabeth Francis Guthrie. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of the images or material on this blog without written, express permission from Elizabeth Francis Guthrie are strictly prohibited. Links may be used provided that credit is given to Elizabeth Francis Guthrie and to EFrancisGuthrie.blogspot.com with a link to the original content.

A percentage of proceeds will be donated to International Essential Tremor Foundation to find out more about this organization and the disease of Essential Tremor visit the IETF website www.essentialtremor.org.

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