In Found Round and About’s challenge this week is TEMPTING!!! Boy have I got a good explaination for what is tempting for me; EVERYTHING to do with art! I even will stay at home so I will not stop by Michael’s and Hobby Lobby. Sometimes I even stay off the computer because Amozon, Dick Blick, and Jerry’s Artaroma becon me to see what I NEED! If you were to look in the closet beside my work area you would ask what dosen’t she have in there and what could she possibly NEED?

This is just part of my lastest result of TEMPTING things. For Christmas I gave into temptation and bought myself some more (different brand) colored pencils, pastel pencils, water soluable pencils and paper to try them out on! Then I borrowed a book from the library and decided I needed that for my library of art books. So you can see what is TEMPTING is for me.



So this is what I do with my TEMPTING things. Enjoy and share your TEMPTING things. Until next Tuesday!

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