I am participating in a weekly challenge started by Found Round and About so this week’s challenge was “Treasures” and this is my interpretation of Treasures. I hope you enjoy my thoughts and maybe find some inspiration to share your thoughts on the subject! Happy Reading!

Treasures in my life have been more of people and memories made by having been a part of their lives. In this curio for instance many of my Treasures have been gathered and placed in one place in order to remember the people at one time; my mother, my Aunt Floy, my Grandmother, Jane Voorhies, my daughters, Tisha and Becca. With each Treasure you can read a chapter of my life.

  With the next picture of my Grandmother’s rocker brings the treasure of remembering sitting on a stool next to her helping “card cotton” for a quilt. The dolls are mine from childhood and the crochet bedspread was made by my mother and Aunt Floy.

And for my last Treasure is my husband Glenn and our two “babies”Abbye and Jackson both Jack Russell Terriers!







This new year will bring many challenges so another challenge I have set for myself is to finish a painting every month plus a new medium everusey two months. I got new pastel pencils, paper, watercolor pencils, and more colored pencils at Christmas!! So now I must put all my new tools to good  use.

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