Another Year Ending But a New Year on Horizon

Since my last post a lot has been happening. Since the art show I have had the privilege of speaking at a seminar on Deep Brain Stimulation surgery used for treatment of Essential Tremor, Parkinson Disease, and Dystonia. I had DBS in 2006 and love speaking of the benefits I have received anytime possible. I did have to have surgery before Thanksgiving to have the two generators replaced so now I am good for another few months. I am also Support Group Leader for our East Texas Essential Tremor Support Group and we had our December meeting last Tuesday.

During all this busyness I was able to keep me hands busy with some artwork that I would like to share with you.


Three Orchids


This picture is my first attempt on Urt 600, with Prismacolor Pencils and Prismacolor Art Stix is 5” X 7” and the reference picture was by Tisha Clinkenbeard.


This picture is also a first attempt on Ampersand Pastel Board, with Prismacolor Pencils is 5” X 7” and was a kit created for AnnKullburg.com by Nicole Caulfield.


I learned from both paintings how to work on two different kinds of materials therefore stretching to get outside my comfort zone of using white paper only. Next I am going to try my hand at working on a black background with my colored pencils. Plus in a drawing class scheduled to begin in January we are going to work on drawing leather. So as the New Year draws closer I hope to continue pushing my comfort level to do the best I possibly can with the gift the Lord has given me.

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